Soft fruit mixes

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Strawberry mixes

The bulrush range of strawberry modules has been formulated to give optimum AFP which allows the crop to grow successfully over winter, if required.

A low level of base fertiliser is added to facilitate initial rooting.

Sizes of bags range from 0.5m to 1m long.

Bulrush can cut both planting and irrigation holes to the pattern required by specific growers*.

Substrate options

  • Peat/coir blends
  • Peat/Forest Gold blends
  • Coir/Forest Gold blends
  • 100% coir

Also available in the following pack sizes:

  • Bulk walking floor
  • Mega bales or large semi-bulk bags
  • 80 litre bags

*Minimum production quantities apply.

Raspberry and Blueberry mixes

Bulrush offers an excellent range of crop specific substrates for producing berry crops in containers.

Please contact your Area Manager for more information.


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